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How electrical conglomerate Mecc Alte utilizes Apaze

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‘Mecc Alte’ is an Italian electrical engineering company that makes electrical generators. Established in 1947, in Vincenza – the Veneto region of north-east Italy, they are the world’s largest independent producer of alternators. Committed to global production, they manufacture the world’s most diverse range of low voltage alternators, in manufacturing warehouses across the Uk, China andIndia. With over 1,200 unique employees, Mecc Alte strive to produce alternators that meet global industry standards and customer serviceability that match their own ideals.

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Mecc Alte’s independence is a centripetal part of their identity and work ethic. Interestingly, independence as far as customers are concerned, feature as a key aspect as they never compete with any of them within the end market, as they don’t sell complete generator sets. As they are in constant pursuit of achieving the best quality of their products, careful checks on semi-processed parts and sample testing of electrical components are essential. With over1,400 products created daily, against the backdrop of their monopoly within electrical engineering, Mecc Alte chose Apaze in order to maximize customer support, obtain a clearer and encompassing overview of the daily running oft heir company and warehouses throughout the globe, which would take their business further, despite being at the top of the pyramid as far as the electrical generator industry is concerned.

"By using Apaze, all individuals within companies can remain on the same page and the creation of both long-term and short-term plans can be disseminated amongst colleagues so that set structures still enhance current and ongoing workflows, despite being out of the office."

Being the world’s largest (and possibly most successful electrical generator producer) –credibility in every sort is the most important thing for Mecc Alte. With high consumer demands and top of the range alternators, structuring tasks, objectives and creating a shared understanding amongst all sectors from design and manufacturing to production and delivery are absolutely essential. One of the key success factors based off implementing a digital roadmap tool is that it works harmoniously to align all stakeholders of customers and helps achieve strategic business objectives for both long- and short-term periods – often guaranteeing success. Based on an insight from Mecca Alte’s chief marketing officer “Apaze helped not only define roadmaps and set goals, however, adopt and cultivate effective work methodologies that roll out long-term programs with all stakeholders”.

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Why Mecc Alte chose Apaze

A summary of reason and benefits

Better alignment across the board

Digitalization through control of virtual services

Adopted and cultivated an effective work methodology that rolled out long-term programs with all stakeholders

Time efficiency through improved alignment and clearer short-term and long-term plans

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