How it works

Apaze comes with an extensive range of features that gives you the ability to better align your teams, offer greater visibility, agility and control for your digital roadmap. Apaze’s cloud-based platform provides an all-encompassing visualization of your digital roadmap, whereby which stakeholders from your company and external agencies can achieve an instantaneous view of internal affairs, that ensures your roadmaps continuously driving impact. To further explore the integral features that Apaze has to offer, please scroll below!

Blueprint for success

Demonstrating success through a data-driven strategy.

Digital success starts with a well-established plan. Understand where you are today and know where you want to be tomorrow.

Foundation blocks
Strong roadmap strategies are built upon strong foundations. Employing the right tools, processes, tactics, skills and governance.

Delivery across funnel
Generate the right type of new leads. Passing the leads back and forth between marketing and sales, and guiding them as quickly and effectively as possible.

Real-time dashboard

Build upon a strong foundation of tried and trusted structures.

The online interface has the ability to provide you with a real time view of your digital roadmap status through our dashboard. In doing so, all stakeholders and external entities achieve a comprehensive understanding of tasks and responsibilities that consolidates its perpetuous impact.

Digital capabilities

View of digital capabilities and MarTech assessment

Integrated MarTech stack.

Having the right technology for your requirements is vital. The roadmap looks at your technology stack, identifies the gaps and help you build what is needed. Apaze have taken the Martech universe (over 8000 technologies) and simplified this into five key areas for Core, Marketing, Sales Enablement, Business Intelligence and Supporting technologies.

marketing & technology stack 1
marketing & technology stack 2
Business objectives

Business objectives - listed by priority and impact

Create a solid foundation tailored towards your own uses and gratifications.

Your digital roadmap situates and allocates your business objectives into phases over a twelve-month period. To make the list of SMART objectives manageable, it is vital to filter the important stuff to the top. Effectively, Apaze uses MoSCoW prioritization to highlight the SMART objectives that are important to your business.

Subsequently, Apaze maps these into groups using the Impact vs Effort model. This helps in understanding the impact of your business, that each SMART objective will achieve and the resources, knowledge, 
skills, and expenditure required to achieve it. The ‘QuickWins’ are then identified as  SMART objectives that will deliver the biggest impact for the smallest effort. A detailed visualization of the well-being of your objectives, tactics and required actions are emphasized to ensure their completion.

Strategic areas

Strategic areas and how the objectives roll up to meet them

How to ensure that your goals achieve their fully realized potential.

The Digital Roadmap focuses on a detailed plan for employees, processes and technology, that enables them to achieve their set objectives, including the curation of a long-term roadmap, that further provides foresight for future business plans and endeavors. Conclusively, the strategy highlights the gap between obstacles and advancement -which further emphasizes your strategic areas and how set objectives can roll up to meet them.

The digital tactics

The digital tactics and which strategic areas they will align with

Tactical grouping to support the roadmap.

Your digital strategy is configured upon three core planning phases, five delivery areas across the funnel and five foundation blocks. These core foundations are based on the premise that the efficiency of our software alleviates time constraints, so that you can focus and prioritize key objectives at any given time. Working through the planning phase of your strategy, you can define specific tactics which are deployed, implemented and adopted in order to reach your goals.

Through Apaze, there are over 500 possibilities in the form of digital tactics that, when tailored to your goals encompass a thoroughly successful understanding of work and what has to be done in order to maximize your marketability and increase profit margins. A mixture of real data and experience helps you formulate, optimize and arbitrate issues, obstacles and solutions that are part and parcel of what it takes to become a successfully integrated company/business.

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities - what needs to be delivered by who and when

Cultivate clear and cohesive roles that improve quality.

The ability to establish clear and cohesive roles and responsibilities are essential to people's knowledge, as they gain a comprehensive understanding of what their management expects of them. The dashboard displays all roles and responsibilities that must be undertaken in order to parallel set schedules and deadlines.

Key takeaways

Key takeaways

We have identified two handy checklists that will keep you on track in the early stages of development.

Things to keep in mind when starting out:

  • Involve all relevant teams from the outset.
  • When analysing your current situation, look at what works well, as well as what doesn’t.
  • Be ambitious, but keep it achievable.
  • Look at processes, people and technology.
  • Focus on delivering success early through QuickWins.
  • Think Big, Start Small, Grow Smart
  • Stay SMART when defining your objectives.

What your roadmap should include:

  • Prioritized objectives for the next 12 months and beyond.
  • Details of where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.
  • Your plan on how to get there. The why, what, how and when.
  • Time-based delivery cycles, ideally 90 days.
  • A business case for investment and support.
  • Assigned owners on who will do what and when.

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