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CityElectrical Factors Ltd is a private company established in 1951. They are theUnited Kingdom’s leading electrical wholesale network with almost twice as many distribution outlets as their competitors. CEF’s electrical companies span across and throughout the Uk and have extended beyond national borders in places such as Ireland, Spain, North America and Australia. Their IT systems are developed in-house which ensures immediate response rates to any order, whether small or large and tracking orders from receipts and deliveries. Additionally, with professional delivery services, customers receive the orders at times preferential to their schedules for free with no additional charges.

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From their origins till present, CEF pride themselves for their customer serviceability. The belief in offering the same standard of customer service irrespective of how big or small they be, is what places them on a level that makes them the industries finest electrical network. As a leading wholesale provider, everything from production to stock and deliveries are extensively monitored so that the general running of their daily tasks and objectives go smoothly. In CEF’s eyes, the understanding of technologies perpetual role in changing the landscape around us , is extremely important for companies who want to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Therefore, adaptations and change are always welcomed with open arms. Coincidently, CEF opted for Apaze as their roadmap specialist as it offered many incentives and improvements in line with their company mindset/ideology.

“Apaze’s ability to manage and track all data in terms of stock, delivery and production is extremely important for customers who want to achieve a close and personal connection towards their customers and consumers”.

With networks and electrical companies throughout the world, CEF believes and understands the necessity of both stability and the concept of ‘updatedness’ when running a globally large-scale business. By using Apaze, they have the ability to track all of their orders, stock and production across the board and continue to reach satisfaction levels that exceed customer expectations. Interestingly, in an interview with the CMO of their Uk branch ,when asked about Apaze and a key feature or aspect in which they liked the most, he said that “we go further by committing ourselves to staff training problems to improve their knowledge and skills, whilst aiming for excellence in customer service, with Apaze we are able to do so”.

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