How Apaze helped Alumio standardize their services

Increasing productivity, removing inefficiencies, and building structure by standardizing our services

Marketing Director

Alumio is a sustainable integration platform. It solves integration challenges and helps you grow your digital business without limitations. Alumio offers an integration platform and solution for the eCommerce market based on the new wave of iPaaS integrated software solutions. Alumio is designed to provide today’s businesses with the ability to integrate their processes simply, with a scalable solution that can be used to grow as you grow.

How Apaze helped us standardize our services

As a Marketing Director and CEO of Alumio, I have worked for more than a decade in the digital business with a dedication to solving the numerous challenges that businesses face when it comes to integrations. From my experience, the biggest challenge is to standardize our business. Especially for Alumio with its global presence. The challenge for Alumio was not necessarily the idea creation of standardization itself, but the implementation and make it successful. The ultimate goal was to improve our efficiency through standardization.

"It gave me the same level of visibility and control that a project management system would provide a project manager, but then for our strategy."

Apaze helped me as a Marketing Director to standardize Alumio by building an actual plan. Adopting Apaze's digital roadmap helped us to increase both internal and external alignment. Meaning, it gave us the opportunity to focus on developing the right people, processes and technology. The framework offered us the structure needed to build long-term plans and ensured short-term success.

The digital roadmap helped standardizing Alumio by its data-driven approach. The tool provides an enormous degree of transparency, with a central overview of the organizational goals, its tactics, and the actions that links to these tactics. The data-driven approach ensures its real-time relevancy by identifying potential gaps and blockers. The relationship between multiple data points knows the difference between an objective and a tactic, and how they interact with each other. In our case, it helped Alumio by providing insight for all stakeholders.

Ultimately, it is all about control. For me personally, it gave me the same level of visibility and control that a project management system would provide a project manager, but then for our strategy. Eventually, we were able to develop a uniform working method, made work processes measureable, and improved Alumio' overall quality and effiency.

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Why Alumio Chose Apaze

A summary of reason and benefits

Standardizing - improving (work) quality, boost efficiency and lower overall costs.

The data-driven characteristics of Apaze ensures real-time relevancy by identifying potential gaps and blockers to ensure continuity

Improved visibility and control for developing and executing the digital strategy.

Involving both internal and external stakeholders reduced workshop fatigueness and get everyone involved.

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